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Buying or selling your home is likely to be the largest financial transaction you'll ever make, so you need to work with a highly experienced, quality solicitor that you can trust.

Our comprehensive and thorough service is designed to provide guidance throughout the process with minimal disruption and excellent value for money.

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You can speak to us about what is involved totally free of charge and with no obligation. Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

We also offer fixed fee work in the majority of straight forward conveyancing transactions. Please contact us for an estimate.

Our property department can assist with a full range of property services including:

  • Right to buy
  • Commercial property
  • Transfer of equity
  • Remortgage

For more information or to speak to one of the team, please contact us or see our Conveyancing FAQ.


A first time buyer visited the office to discuss with Wajid the process of making an offer on a property. He had left University and was in the first year of his first job.

Wajid advised him that he should check the costs involved and his finances first before referring him to an independent Financial Adviser for mortgage advice. The clients have an option of using their own advisers or we have a database of reliable contacts.

Wajid then explained the process to the client, as well as the intricacies of what should be expected at each stage.

The client consulted a Mortgage Adviser, who confirm that he could proceed and put an offer on the property, which he did so on returning to us. The offer was successful and we started the legal process. Wajid gathered all the necessary documents (such as identification), obtained draft contract package from the sellers Solicitors and forwarded copies on to the client, advising the client throughout the process.

We believe in a proactive approach with our clients and explain any legal documents in detail, which is often very useful for first time buyers.

Wajid then raised enquiries with the seller's solicitors and obtained searches on behalf of the client, as well as corresponding with the mortgage broker until the mortgage offer was received.

The client was updated on a regular basis throughout the transaction, and upon receipt of all enquiries, searches and mortgage offer, Wajid forwarded a Title Report and invited him to the office.

Wajid explained the mortgage offer in detail before the client confirmed that he would like to proceed, fully confident that he understood all the facts and details about the property he was about to purchase.

The client didn't realise how simple the process could be and was really grateful for the information we gave him, since he knew what would happen at every stage both before and after completion of the purchase.


What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of land or property from one person to another, or in simple terms, buying and/or selling a house.

How much will it cost?

We will provide you with an accurate estimate once we have gone through the details with you and you can contact us immediately for a quote (click here). In the meantime here are a few factors which affect the costs:

Selling your house

Sale costs vary, depending on the price of the property that you're selling and the complexity involved. There are also differences between freehold and leasehold properties, but we'll provide you with a full list of costs at the outset and put this in writing to you, along with our terms and conditions.

Buying a house

We will explain all the costs in full, including disbursements. There are many disbursements to be taken into consideration including Stamp Duty, registration fees, searches and any additional costs involved in the process of the transaction.

Although the legal costs vary, we will make this clear from the very start so that there are no sudden surprises!

When do I have to pay?

Selling your house

With a sale, there are no disbursements to pay up front. while legal costs, agent's fees, mortgage redemption and any other ancillary costs are settled at the end of the matter, once the sale is completed.

Buying a house

On a purchase, we ask for the cost of the searches to be paid up front, and usually request £250-£300 depending on the complexity of the matter. The remaining costs are payable at the end, and these are requested by the solicitor in time before completion.

What are the stages in the conveyancing process?

1. Buying and selling a property

If you have bought or sold a property before you'll know that the process takes time and can be very frustrating. In order to get the job done as quickly as possible we will need to work with you.

We can prepare a wide range of letters and documents and will need information from you in the early stages. (See what do I need to do?)

You can contact us at any time for help and advice on mortgages and expenses and we will liaise with everyone involved such as estate agents and building societies. If we find any problems we will notify you immediately.

2. Exchanging contracts

You are not committed to buying or selling until contracts have been exchanged. Once you instruct us to proceed we will advise you when this can take place.

3. Completion

Completion takes place by a certain time, on a certain day, agreed on exchange of contracts. We arrange the money and documents to change hands and report to you afterwards.

How long will my conveyancing take?

How long conveyancing takes will depend on a number of factors such as how long the chain is, how long it will take to obtain a mortgage offer, how long the searches take and the activity of all parties involved, including the estate agents, buyers, sellers and their solicitors.

Typically, if there are no major problems, it takes six to eight weeks on most sale or purchase transactions, but it can take more or less time, depending on the circumstances. We will do our best to keep you informed of the timescales at every stage.

What do I need to do?

If you are selling a property we will also send you a questionnaire and the answers you give together with the information from the Land Registry etc. will be sent with the contract. Sending the information at this time will help limit further enquiries and save time in the long run.

We'll also need you to provide details of your mortgage provider and any old papers you hold so that contracts can be prepared as soon as a buyer is found. The more quickly we have this information, the more efficient we can make the conveyancing process.

If you are purchasing a property we will need details of the agreed terms. We will liaise with everyone involved, such as estate agents and building societies, so to ensure a smooth process you should give them our name and contact details.

How much will my house deposit be?

Typically a house deposit is 10% of the purchase price but this may vary depending on the terms set by the seller.

When do I pay the deposit?

We will advise you of exactly when you need to pay the deposit but it will be some time before contracts are exchanged.

What happens if the sale falls through?

We will explain the circumstances and lay out all your options. We will then advise all parties according to your instructions.

What is the exchange of contracts?

The seller's conveyancer will prepare a draft contract giving details of the legal title to the property, a list of the fixtures and fittings included in the sale and any special conditions.

This will be sent to the buyer's conveyancer for approval so that they can carry out the necessary checks and searches. Once the contract has been approved the buyer and seller will each sign a copy. The contracts are then exchanged between the two conveyancers.

Once exchanged, the contract becomes legally binding and neither party can withdraw. At this time a moving date (also known as completion date) will also be set.

After the exchange we will send you information about what you need to do before completion.

When will I know my moving date?

Once contracts have been signed and exchanged a moving date will be set. It is usually between 7 and 21 days from the time of exchange of contracts.

When can I book my removals?

You should wait to book any removal services until after contracts have been exchanged and a moving date has been set.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us by email on or by telephone to one of our branches and we will be happy to arrange a free initial consultation to help answer your questions.


Professional service, personal touch

0117 9716765

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